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In the Buddhist tradition, vegetarian food has often been prepared to resemble dishes favoured by non – Buddhist. In this way, Buddhist have been able to show hospitality without appearing to deprive their guest of favorite foods, at the same time not violating their own principles which forbid taking the life of animals.

And so it is the names of dishes of this menu, which your hostess Mrs. Diễm has collected from all corners of the country. Names not with standing, all dishes are prepared without meat. (In the best tradition of ancient Vietnam cuisine, they are also prepared without MSG)

We hope you will enjoy our traditional hospitality!

Cơm Chay Nàng Tấm - Hà Nội
Cơm Chay Nàng Tấm - Hồ Chí Minh
Cơm Chay Nàng Tấm - Yên Tử - Quảng Ninh


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